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Date Artist City Venue Country
09/25/16 Nat Osborn Band Tychy Browar Obywatelski Tychy Poland
09/24/16 Nat Osborn Band Krakow Alchemia Poland
09/22/16 Nat Osborn Band Zielona Gora JazzKino Poland
09/21/16 Nat Osborn Band Gorzow Wielkopolsko C-60 Poland
09/20/16 Nat Osborn Band Szczecin Rocker Club Poland
09/19/16 Nat Osborn Band Polajewo Gorzelnia 505 Poland
09/18/16 Nat Osborn Band Pila Rockopolis Poland
09/17/16 Nat Osborn Band Koscierzyn Texas Pub Poland
09/16/16 Nat Osborn Band Sopot Sfinks700 Poland
09/15/16 Nat Osborn Band Bialystok Zmiana Klimatu Poland
09/14/16 Nat Osborn Band Warsaw Ogrod Zabkowska Poland
09/09/16 Palka/Palka/Parker Piestany Jazz Piestany Czech Republic
09/08/16 Palka/Palka/Parker Lucenec Tanciaren a Pivovar Franz Slovakia
09/01/16 Noszka/Palka/Parker/Palka Krakow Harris Piano Jazz Bar Poland
08/28/16 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Warsaw 12/14 Jazz Club Poland
08/19/16 Marc Ducret/Marc Bernstein/Mike Parker/Devin Grey Warsaw 12/14 Jazz Club Poland
05/09/16 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Targu Mures International Student Jazz Festival Romania
05/08/16 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Cluj-Napoca Atelier Cafe Romania
04/08/16 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Zabrze Guido Mine Poland
03/12/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Frydek Mistek Klub Stolarna Czech Republic
03/11/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Bojnice Hotel 11/13 Slovakia
03/10/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Trutnov Jazzinec Festival Czech Republic
03/09/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Broumov Klaster Czech Republic
03/08/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Ceska Lipa U Bilyho Cernocha Czech Republic
03/07/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Olomouc Art UM Czech Republic
03/06/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Breclav Kino Koruna Czech Republic
03/05/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Policka Divadelni Klub Czech Republic
03/04/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Ceska Trebova Mala Scena Czech Republic
03/03/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Valasske Mezirici S-Klub Czech Republic
03/02/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Boskovica Zamecky Sklenik Czech Republic
03/01/16 Mika/Parker/Parker Trio Brno Stara Pekarna Czech Republic
02/21/16 Palka, Parker, Palka Trio Krakow Harris Piano Jazz Bar Poland
02/11/16 Mika/Parker/Dobosz Krakow Harris Piano Jazz Bar Poland
01/21/16 PGR w/ Marc Bernstein Warsaw 12/14 Jazz Club Poland
01/20/16 PGR w/ Marc Bernstein Torun Od Nowa Poland
01/19/16 PGR w/ Marc Bernstein Radom American Corner Poland
01/18/16 PGR w/ Marc Bernstein Poznan Blue Note Poland
12/18/15 Nat Osborn Band New York, New York Rockwood Music Hall United States
12/17/15 Nat Osborn Band New York City Private Event United States
12/13/15 Parker/Kaletka/Palka/Palka Quartet Krakow Harris Piano Jazz Bar Poland
12/04/15 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Hradec Kralove Naplavka Czech Republic
11/24/15 Parker/Kaletka/Palka/Palka Quartet Warsaw 12/14 Jazz Club Poland
10/30/15 MP Trio Theory Miercurea Ciuc Olommadar Romania
10/29/15 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Cluj-Napoca Atelier Cafe Romania
10/28/15 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Oradea Moszkva Cafe Romania
10/27/15 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Kosice Tabacka Slovakia
10/25/15 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Brno Alterna Czech Republic
10/24/15 Mike Parker’s Trio Theory Jelenia Gora Krokus Jazz Festival Poland
10/22/15 MP Trio Theory Zielona Gora Piekarnia Cichej Kobiety Poland
10/21/15 MP Trio Theory Czestochowa Paradoks Poland

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